Hitting the Tables

Playing pool is one of my best games and I enjoy so much. However, what I enjoy most is that at our business, many customers seem to enjoy it a lot too and that means that they come back for more. You will often find me at the pool table during my free time or on the weekends. I have noticed that some pool players are not usually familiar with basic tips for playing the game and they end up losing out most of the time.

In this post, I will share with you the tips that I use to play pool and you can also use them the next time you visit the bar:

Adopt the right standing posture at the pool

man playing pool

Keep a strong posture when standing. This is an indication of stamina such that even if someone pushes you over, you cannot fall down. This is very important because it is the basis of your shot and your footing needs to be correct. Your chin should be higher than the cue, the back arm drew back and at the same time, there should be good hip clearance such that as the arm moves forward to make the shot, it will not rub against your hips.

A stable bridge hand is important

It takes time to master the perfect bridge and after you get your bridge, you will need to practice on it until it becomes natural to you. To make a hand bridge, you use the hand that is less dominant. Place it on the table palm down, then pull your fingers up to form a ‘V’ by applying pressure on your thumb against your middle finger. You will place your cue here. Ensure that your bridge is firm to enable easy sliding of your cue.

Be keen about the stroke of your pool

The stroke that you use determines how far you will go in the game. To make progress in your game, it is important for you to master this skill. Use the pendulum stroke. It is better because your elbow can function as a hinge while the other forearm can be a pendulum. Relax your grip. Make steady strokes when practicing and the tip of the cue should be as close as possible to the cue ball. When making a shot, only your forearm should move while the chest and shoulder remain still.

Relax your grip

When you hold your grip too tightly, it will be detrimental to your game. Make the grip tight only if you have a specific stroke where you need to use the tight grip. Soft grip is used by most players where they hold the cue gently on the fingertips. I hang my cue on about three fingers tips and it barely touches my thumb.   

Try hard to hit the cue ball at the center

girl playing billiards

Most of the beginner players assume that when they hit the ball, they are hitting the center when actually, they are either hitting it slightly to the right or to the left. But this is not too hard really if you can get some practice. Just envision two lines, a vertical one and a horizontal one stretching from the end of the cue stick to the tip. The vertical line can drop from somewhere above the ball. Where the two lines meet, that is your crosshair, right at the center of the ball. Shoot.

Taking A Vacation

It has been a long period of time, five years, my friend Amanda and I have been watching the progress of the bar to see whether it will be successful. It has been a tiresome period for us as each morning we have to be at the bar and leave late in the evening to ensure that everything runs perfectly, which is quite oxymoronic because bars can never run perfectly. We have tried our best though and now we feel it’s time now for us to take a break from our daily routine and go on a vacation.

We need a breather. Perhaps you need a vacation too. It is important, and it has many health benefits:

A vacation will help you keep stress at bay

Woman in hat relaxing on beach

Many things in life such as pressure in the workplace, family struggles and unmet goals can cause stress. Stress is a feeling of hopelessness and frustration at yourself. Going for a vacation helps you to reduce your stress significantly. Taking a break gives you time to think and understand how to balance your family life and work so that you can reduce effects of stress.

You can improve your productivity

It is rare for small business owners to go out on a vacation, missing out on an exciting adventure all the time. This leads to illness, poor memory, impatience, poor decision-making and exhaustion. You will be doing your work a lot of good by going on a vacation because you will be able to do your health a lot of good. According to experts, people become more satisfied with life when they are on vacation and they return to work feeling more positive, energized and rejuvenated.

A vacation can make you more creative

When you go for a vacation you get time to recharge and refresh your brain cells. The way we are engineered, our bodies need a break and some time to recharge. This is why you need to take a break from time to time. That is why companies take their employees out for retreats and team building activities.

A vacation will make you happier and more positive

Studies have shown time and again that people who take time off for vacations are happier and more positive at work. Actually, this is not something that even needs research. You just need to take some time off and you will see just how good vacationing is. The happiness that one feels on vacation is sustained even after coming back from the vacation. Instead of taking one vacation annually, spread it out into short vacations.

You get new perspectives

In whichever place you choose to go for vacation, you will get time to reflect and keep an open mind to many new possibilities. When you are out of the business for some time, you get to see the world from a different angle. This is the time that you can learn a lot about life for if the business ever went down, you would be left with life, to do life. Meet new people, learn a thing or two about a different culture, see animals, try different foods and generally love life. It will be very rewarding.

Stay with family

family taking selfie

Take time to appreciate the people who have been fueling your endeavors. The family is very important and it plays a very big role in your business success. So take time off, and appreciate them. After all, when you have had a nasty day at work, you still have them to come home to. Do not lose family on account of work. At their deathbeds, many people say they wish they had spent most of their life with family.